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Cogent AI

Optimize Efficiency and Reduce Costs with AI-Driven Coding and Auditing Solutions

Elevate your retrospective, prospective, and concurrent risk adjustment accuracy, efficiency, and significance with AI-powered solutions that ensure consistent results.

Cogent AI

Real-Time Clinical Documentation Assessment for Enhanced Healthcare Coding.

Cogent AI, a Provider Assistant tool, conducts real-time concurrent assessment of clinical documentation within EHR systems, swiftly identifying coding and documentation deficiencies during patient encounters. It evaluates the severity of each patient's condition, aligns clinical documentation with M.E.A.T. criteria for HCC codes, and enhances efficiency and compliance in healthcare coding workflows.

By ensuring accuracy in documentation, Cogent AI significantly enhances efficiency and compliance in healthcare coding workflows, reducing the likelihood of coding errors and improving overall documentation quality. This not only benefits healthcare providers by saving time and resources but also ensures that patients receive the appropriate level of care and that healthcare organizations are reimbursed accurately for the services they provide.

Why Choose Cogent AI

Utilizing Technology for Efficient HCC Inspection: Efficient HCC code inspection. AI, OCR, and NLP simplify chart validation, reducing complexity and time spent. Access a searchable database for past inspections. Automate chart validation for precision.


Minimize the time span of HCC code inspection in the patient’s charts


Tackle coding complexities with precision, leveraging OCR, AI, ML and NLP


Provides an automated platform for the coders to validate the patient’s charts


Provides a searchable database of all past inspections

How does Cogent AI functions

Pioneering healthcare services through the implementation of advanced data collection methodologies to accurately diagnose patients, customize care interventions, and adjust risk factors, thus ensuring the provision of personalized and effective treatment solutions.

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