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Solution Overview

Integrated Digital Health Data Acquisition

Acquire essential data swiftly with adaptable EHR data services, tailored to your organization and healthcare partners' needs for seamless collaboration and efficient operations.

Integrate data from multiple sources, such as Electronic Health Records (EHRs), claims data, lab results and other relevant healthcare systems.

Utilize algorithms and analytics to identify patients with potential chronic conditions or high-risk medical conditions.

AI driven capability to assign appropriate codes to patients based on their health status and medical conditions.

Support proactive interventions and care management strategies based on risk predictions.

Facilitate better documentation practices to capture all relevant information for risk adjustment.

Features that support compliance with regulatory requirements and guidelines ,such as those set by CMS.

Help providers understand their patient population's risk distribution and potential areas for improvement.

Risk Adjustment

Risk Adjustment programs are entrusted with optimizing value for their organizations while upholding the utmost standards of coding precision.

Encipher's HCC Indicator is a platform designed for retrospective risk adjustment coding and quality assurance. It utilizes established technology to streamline and enhance comprehensive and accurate operations.

Encipher's HCC scrutinizer is a cloud-based platform for risk adjustment auditing, incorporating state-of-the-art AI algorithms to verify source encounter notes related to submitted HCCs. This streamlines and simplifies the entire auditing process.

HCC Comprehensive is a platform for risk adjustment coding and auditing that empowers teams to conduct comprehensive chart reviews efficiently.


Obtaining timely access to healthcare data and insights has remained a persistent challenge for both payers and providers.

Encipher Data Factory is a healthcare data interoperability platform that effectively and securely acquires both structured and unstructured patient data. Additionally, this platform provides Encipher indicator at the point of care, streamlining provider workflows.

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AI-Enhanced Touchless Transparency

Touchless automation, empowered by the latest AI progress, ensures that every step of the process is visible and accountable, thanks to its ability to operate without physical contact and leverage advanced artificial intelligence technologies.

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