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Sedate AI

Seamless Electronic Medical Data Aggregation

Efficiently gather the data your organization needs with flexible data acquisition services from EHRs, designed to suit your organization and healthcare partners.

Sedate AI

Enhanced Anesthesia Coding: Sedate AI Ensures ASA Code Precision

Sedate AI efficiently identifies essential anesthesia components, ensuring precise ASA code determination from sparse inputs, and adheres to client-specific and common anesthesia procedures. This facilitates accurate billing and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in anesthesia coding workflows.

This includes prioritizing the highest base value ASA code, tailored to each client's needs. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates all functionalities available in Cogent AI, offering features like Allocation, Auditing, Flags, Communication, and more. This comprehensive approach enhances accuracy, efficiency, and compliance in Anesthesia coding workflows, ultimately improving patient care and outcomes.

Why Choose Sedate AI

Maximizing efficiency and security in file management: Streamlined processing, fortified data protection, and proactive oversight create a holistic approach for effective management, reducing processing time and enhancing overall productivity.


Efficiency reduces file processing time


Secure channels fortify data protection


Efficient tracking streamlines file oversight


Holistic overview fosters proactive management

How does Sedate AI functions

Boost efficiency in medical coding through precise ASA code determination, proficient component identification, adherence to customizable rules, and seamless integration of functionalities, all aimed at enhancing overall operational effectiveness and streamlining coding processes for better outcomes.

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